Family Community & Emergency Medicine

Family, Community and Emergency Medicine is one of the most busiest department of KFMMC – a 300 + bed hospital providing services to local patients in uniform and their families. It has a vital role in contributing health care and acts as the modulator between the community and the whole hospital departments. A centerpiece of health care, the department deals with a wide range of diseases and all types of patients, with a great variety of illness presentation – unlimited by age, gender and body system provides total patient care, taking into account the physical, psychological and social aspects.

• Hospital Primary Care Clinics

Fifteen roll physicians and thirteen active, well-trained nurses attend to 10 clinics 14 hours per day. New policy and procedures were updated for patients’s registration and triage were established to streamline patients’ follow up and minimize patient’s waiting time. A clinic physician-in-charge is assigned to facilitate patients’ care and the daily clinic issues.

• The Diabetic Center Clinic

A new shared care clinic, which provides comprehensive treatment and education to KFMMC patients diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus commenced in March 2002 and has been activated by a team of Family Medicine Consultants, Dr Othman Al Ghamdi and Dr Omar Shiddo. Dr Mohammad Monga, Dr Nawaf El Khaled, and Dr Feizal Motala, Primary Care General Practitioners assist in the examination of diabetic patients. The flow of patients is based on computerized follow up appointment system while clinic session is done three times a week.

• The Family Land Forces Clinic in King Fahd Military City

Two physicians and four nurses are regularly assigned attending clinics to military constituents from 08:00-16:00Hrs Saturday through Wednesday and 08:00-11:00Hrs on Thursday. Computerized follow up appointment system works in the clinic.

• Employee Emergency Room

This unit provides 24 hour cover and eight (8) physicians are assigned by the Dept Head in order to provide continous physician coverage and maintain high standard of care, team work and management. Being a hectic area and working actively around the clock, a physician-in-charge is assigned to act as chief deputy who liaises continously with the department head concerning all aspects in ER.Eleven alert and well-trained nurses are discharging their specific duties in day and night shifts. It is noteworthy that high professionalism is being maintained in ER, thereby active involvement in CME activities is a must, to keep oneself updated by the International ER Standards of Care.

• Preventive Medicine

This section consists of two Preventive Medicine Consultants, a Veterinarian, Infection Control Nurse and 2 Sanitarians.As a guardian to all kinds of infectious diseases, this unit initiates, develops and maintains the Preventive Medicine subdivision of the department. It provides an environmental health program for quality control of food, water supplies of the main hospital and the affiliated military units;supervises the hospital Cold chain vaccine and assists in the maintenance of continous supply of essential vaccines and liaises with the Ministry of Health to implement health policies and regulations and keeps statistics for infectious diseases. With its closely participation in the development and enhancement of a wide variety of preventive programs, it highly achieved a mass immunization meningitis campaign carried out twice a week in September to November 2002, where recipients are children of military people aged 6 months to 5 year-old.

• Employee Health

The clinic is run by two Primary Care physicians and three nurses providing employee clinical assistance during Saturdays through Wednesday from 07:30-17:00Hrs. E H C is responsible for: Outpatient treatment to all employees and to all registered dependents, both acute or chronic; all work-up of new employees for Iqama processing; medical fitness check-up on all (expatriate) newly recruited employees; screening of all employees in cases of infectious diseasesoutbreak and conducts medical records review of all employees in chosen department every 3 years and likewise administers appropriate up to date vaccines to hospital employees.


1. To ensure a total quality management and improvement the department has adopted a separate Family Medicine section in Patient’s Medical Records which include: Patient’s problem list, patient’s data base list and computerized Family Medicine Clinical Progress Notes.
2. The department has introduced a so-called ‘Peer Review and Audit’ system for physicians to ensure better quality of clinical performance and patients’ care.
3. continous Medical Education is in progress, having a weekly one-hour activity session for the physician’s professional growth and advancement in their chosen field of endeavor.
4. Attached are pictures of the different units.
5. Statistics for end-users of the department is humbly presented.