Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Laboratory Medicine provides a comprehensive diagnostic Laboratory services for all in-patient and out-patient in all disciplines of Clinical Laboratory. The following are the sections:

• Blood Transfusion services

• Chemical Pathology

• Haemotology and Coagulation

• Histopathology and Cytopathology

• Immunology including HLA Tissue Typing

• Microbiology

Each section according to Database is headed by a qualified Consultant Pathologist, a Medical Laboratory Technologist Supervisor and staffed by a number of qualified Medical Laboratory technologists.
The Major Equipments include:

• Automated Haematology Analyser(Coulter STKSC GENS II)

• Stago Coagulometers

• (Bac-T Alert) Blood Culture Analyser

• MIGT-960 Analyser

• Dimension & Axym Analysers

• Viva Analysers

• IMX & ELISA Analysers

• Flowcytometer and PCR Facility

THe Haematology section runs a busy out-patient clinic including an anti-Coagulation clinic. All Consultant Staff provide Clinical Consultations. The Laboratory provides a 24 hrs. service / 16 hrs. stat. service and 8 hrs. on-call Services.