Health Informatic

The Health Informatic is an important and essential hub for the access to and the maintenance of the patient's record. It was percieved as the patient's hospital-based agent for protecting confidentiality issues.

The Health Informatic Department's responsibilities include:

Authorize access to the information.

Implement controls to protect the information.

The Health Informatic Department shall provide 24-hour staff coverage or access to the Health Informatic files on a 24-hour basis while maintaining the security of the medical records. The Health Informatic functions shall include at least the accuracy, completeness, and timeless with which personnel:

• File reports within the medical records

• File or retrieve medical reports

• Transcribe medical reports

• Release medical information or reports in response to requests.

• Analyze records for completeness, currency, authentication, and legibility.

• Abstract, code, and index medical records and

• Prepare statistical reports.

The Health Informatic department shall maintain all patient medical records, shall ensure their confidentiality, security , and ready accessbility, and shall monitor all medical records to ensure their completeness, timeless, authentication, and legibility.