The department of Surgery including the General Surgery, which deals with Laparoscopic surgery in addition to the ordinary general surgical cases.

• Plastic Surgery

The plastic Surgery also deals with congenital abnormalities, trauma, burns as well as cosmetic surgery, including liposuction

• Orthopaedic Surgery

The Orthopaedic Surgery deals with the ordinary Orthopaedic problem in addition to arthroplasties.

• Vascular Surgery

The Vascular surgery deals with all pathological problems of the blood vessels and reconstuctive vascular surgery.

Neurosurgery, ENT and Ophthalmology

Departments provide very important services within the hospital. Neurosurgery deals with pathology in the C.N.S and also the victims of trauma. ENT unit deals with all diseases involving the ear, nose and throat. Opthalmology serves the diseased eyes.