Human Resources

Human Resources


The Human Resources will strive to contribute to the achievement of KFMMC'S goals and obejectives by providing hish-quality and cost-effective Manpower Services and programs to all department / divisions.

This is primarily achieved by developing and excuting all regulations related to work and by offering high quality services related to recruiting (local and international) leaves (annuals, sick, etc.), issuing tickets, renewing of the contracts, overtime, seconding of employees and all government procedures as issuing visa and iqama of KFMMC employees and coordinate with all departments regarding recruiting required as well as it will follow all employees to determine standards required to raise morale and increase efficiency.


The department is one of the most important departments in the hospital as it looks a range of employee issues including recruitment, leave and travel, transfers, promotions and renewal of contracts.


The recruitment section is divided into International and local recruitment:

International recruitment is responsible for hiring the most qualified people from all over the world. This section liaises with their various agents in the different countries and provides them with a list of vacant positions,Local recruitment is responsible for hiring Saudi nationals.

Employee Relations Section

This section deals with employee queries and is responsible for all changes and benefits to the employee such as transfers, promotion, probationary review, renewal of contracts and education allowance, among others.

Leave & Travel

This section has sole responsibility for coordinating the annual leave and travel arrangements of the hospital’s employees as well as processing travel letters and requests for weekend trips out of Kingdom. This section liaises with Government Relations and Al Tayyar travel on a daily basis to ensure that employees leave and travel arrangements run smoothly.

Manpower Services

This section is responsible for maintaining and updating the hospital database, liaises with department heads in the creation of new positions, amending salaries as a result of transfer/promotion or merit increase and preparing job descriptions.

Government Relations

This section is responsible for the safekeeping of all expatriate passports, processing of exit re-entry for annual leave or weekend trips, processing of exit only visa for departing employees and issuing and renewing leaves