IT Department


IT Department provides high quality computing services which includes refined Computer Technology and Software application standards that promote better healthcare systems in the hospital.
The department participates in developing overall patient and administrative information systems to enhance patient acuity and provides hospital information for better policy and decision making.
To connect any MSD hospital with KFMMC and make the data exchange possible through the development and implementation of systems and applications that will run on a flexible and secured network infrastructure.


IT department is one of the well-equipped and modernised department in KFMMC hospital. The department is headed by Computer Service Manager under whom a number of departments are defined like Network, Hardware, Software Development, Help Desk, Management Information.Through this, Information Technology related services and support are rendered to the KFMMC hospital.

• Upgrading the therapeutic services, and the administrative systems. This could be done by connecting systems of mutual relations.
• Regulating the information collection and analysis with the organizing rules applied in AFMSD, taking into account the necessity of protecting the information security. Services Rendered by the department • Program applications, and programming of PC's which are connected with the Health Information System in KFMMC.
• Technical support and repairing of PC's
• Researching the possible applications in the field of health services.
• Technical consultations in respect of computer systems and applications.
• Production of statistical data.

Projects undertaken by this department are:

Project1 - Hospital Custom Designed Financial Information System.

Project2 - KFMMC LAN Infrastructure Upgrade (RFP)

Project3 - KFMMC Laboratory Information System

Project4 - KFMMC Radiology Information System

Project5 - Electronic Media Records System

Project6 - Customised MatMan System

Project7 - HR System

Project8 - Equipment Upgrade