The Department of Nursing of King Fahd Military Medical Complex (KFMMC) is committed to delivering individualized, efficient and ethical nursing care which is achieved by the presence of suitably qualified nurses/midwives for each specific unit. Patient care is based on the Nursing Process and is provided 24 hours per day on scheduled shifts with the appropriate staffing levels for each unit. The Department of Nursing is responsible for the in-patient and out-patient departments which includes satellite clinics.


The following in-patient departments operate on 12 hour shifts, i.e. 0700H to 1930H and 1900 to 0730H:

• Adult Intensive Care Unit (AICU)

• Operating Room (O.R.)

• Male / Female Surgical

• Cardiac Ward

• Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

• Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)

• Labour and Delivery

• Male / Female Medical

• Paediatrics

• Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

• Coronary Care Unit (CCU) / Burn Unit

• Recovery Room (on-call coverage)

• Male Specialty I

• Obstetrics/Newborn Nursery (OB/NBN)

The following out-patient departments operate on various time schedules to meet the needs of patients/community:

• Casualty – 12 hour shifts

• Hemodialysis – 0600H to 1900H

• Specialty Clinic – 0730H to 1630H

• Endoscopy – 0730H to 1630H

• Primary Clinic – 0730H to 2200H

• Various Satellite Clinics – 0800H to 1700H

• VIP Clinic

• Lithotripsy Unit

• Employee Health

• Preventive Medicine

Technical support for sterile supply services throughout the hospital are provided by the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), and the unit is open six (6) days a week with staff on-call for out of office hour emergencies.
Patient Education Nurses make unit rounds providing instructions and educational material for our patients in the nursing units as well as in the outpatient clinics. The IV Therapy nursing team provides expert intravenous cannulation therapy for our patients ensuring safe, efficient and therapeutically effective care. The Pain Management Nurses lead the nursing staff in ensuring our patient’s pain is managed effectively and monitored continuously. The Nursing Department also has Continuous Quality Improvement Supervisors that lead the department’s nursing team in the various aspects of patient safety and quality care.


The nurses within the in-patient nursing units use the nursing process which includes the components of assessment, diagnosis, outcomes, identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The following influence the nursing practice at KFMMC:
• Providing age-appropriate and culturally and ethnically sensitive care
• Maintaining a safe environment, educating patients about healthy practices and treatment modalities
• Assuring continuity of care
• Coordinating the care across settings and among caregivers
• Managing information
• Communicating effectively
• Utilizing technology

Continuous education is highly encouraged and provided in co-ordination with the Academic Affairs and Training Department and by the Clinical Instructors in Nursing Administration.
The Nursing Education and Saudization section is responsible for the oversight of the clinical practicum which is provided for nursing interns/students from other healthcare facilities in the Kingdom including the Prince Sultan College of Health Sciences, School of Nursing. In addition, this section is also responsible for managing the Nursing Department Saudization program.
The Nursing Department is highly involved with the hospital’s goal to achieve Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. In addition, the staff are very active in continuous quality improvement projects as well as collecting data and improving systems based on this data. The senior nursing staff are members of various hospital and departmental committees.
The Department has successfully provided several national workshops/conferences/courses for the nurses such as an Endoscopy Workshop, Pain Management and IV Therapy.


The Nursing Department will pursue having an International Nursing Conference at KFMMC. We shall continue to develop our new Saudi nursing graduates to their full potential and we shall continue to monitor and audit various aspects of nursing care and services to ensure that the best quality services and care are given to our patients at KFMMC.
KFMMC is establishing a Pediatric ICU and Home Health Care service in the near future and the Nursing Department is reviewing the staffing requirements for these new areas. The Nursing Department is also planning on introducing a Wound Management Nurse position in the near future.
The KFMMC Nursing Department is involved with evidenced-based practices and will continue to work with the other departments within the hospital on its journey to achieve JCI accreditation in the near future.