Public Relation

Public Relation


Highlight the virtual and honourable image of KFMMC, Dhahran, as well as its distinguished medical service. Arrange and supervise regular visits from both goverment and non-goverment sectors. Organize symposia and conferences held by KFMMC, and report their events through media coverage. Participate in public occasions in collaboration with military and civilian organizations. Present health awareness programs for Patients via KFMMC in-house TV channel. The above is a little part of the department task where the available space is too little to cover all tasks.

Public Relations Department, KFMMC Dhahran has functions including:

• Showing the real, honorable picture of King Fahd Military Medical Complex in particular and the Medical Services Division in general.

• Advising KFMMC staff of the unique Medical Services and activities notifying the citizen's medical improvements and the tremendous capability of new equipment.

• Planning, organizing, supervising and coordinating the visits to KFMMC, by a government authority or other authorities(companies, hospitals, establishments, etc.).

• Preparing, supervising symposiums, conferences to be held and providing media cover by the Complex.

• Displaying health education programs inside the hospital via the closed T.V.station.

• and other activities, that, the Department presents in conjunction with other.